Wow, what a weekend! Three days and nights of tail-wagging, paw-stamping, howling good (and some bad!) dog fun, and we loved every minute of it! It seems you all did too, and now it's time to take a moment to thank everyone that made it possible!

Firstly we'd like to thank our incredible sponsors, Weredog, ABU, and Puppy Pride - they've really gone above and beyond this year to help support the event. Some of the goodies in your bags this year came from them too, and we hope you enjoy the swag you took home with you!

Of course, we must thank the venues for hosting us; BarPop, Cruz 101 and Eagle for providing the facilities and spaces for our weekend of canine adventures. They also provide a lot of extra support behind the scenes, with their staff and teams working hard to keep everything going.

We’d also like to give a special mention to the winners, and nominees, of our community awards; Bleu (Brave Pup), Lexter (Guiding Spirit – Gone, but not forgotten), Kit (Female Star), Astro (Community Outreach), Kitt Wilde (Sexual Positivity). These are the people who are shining lights in our community, and we thank them not just for their participation here at Doggy Weekend, but all the time – keep doing your thing!

Our staff & volunteers are also very much deserving of some praise. They’ve been working tirelessly, and giving up their time, to help put on this event. We couldn’t do it without them, and we’re so grateful for their involvement and support.

Finally – we want to thank all of you for attending and supporting this event, and throwing yourself into it with such energy and passion. Doggy Weekend is the realisation of a dream to provide something more for our community, and to see so many people embracing it is thrilling.

We know that the measure of a great event like this is that it always leaves you wanting more. Whilst Doggy Weekend will return next year, you won’t have to wait long for more fun: Animalz will return early in 2022!

For now, so long – and thank you all: We’re going to return to our baskets for a well earned nap!


Rutt & Kaz

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