The community awards are a way for you to nominate the people who have maybe helped you, who have been a positve influence, or you feel should be acknowedged by the community. We have a number of catagories to nominate for and in true Pup fashion - not all are serious! 

If you wish to nominate a number of people then you may submit the form multiple times. 


Need ideas who or why to niminate someone? Well how about you think who helped you this year? Who started that new pup mosh? Has someone been battling illness? Did someone beat an addiction? Helped a friend through a hard time? Really - these awards are a way for us to come together, have a group howl, say thanks, and grow.



Step 1: Nominations

Submissions are open now until the 1st of October. You'll find the form below!

Step 2: 

A board of community members EXTERNAL to Doggy Weekend will bring through up to 7 nominees for each award to the voting phase. The number of recommendations a nominee has will be taken into consideration. Community judges are from various places around the country involved with the pup community and will be announced when voting opens. 

Step 3: Voting

Public voting is open from the 16th of October until the 30th of October. Voting is performed by everyone.

Step 4: Awards

After voting closes the judges will convene and add their votes to the public pool. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony on the Sunday of Doggy Weekend 2021.