And so Doggy Weekend 2019 comes to an end. 😭

What an amazing weekend it's been though. We've welcomed pups, dogs, handlers, and animal folk from across the globe. When myself (Rutt) and Kaz had this crazy idea a few years ago we never would have thought we could be saying hello to over 250 of you. The real success doesn't come from us though - it comes from you and the dedicated team of volunteer doggos that REALLY made this happen.

We also can't say goodbye without mentioning our kind sponsors - ABU & CloneZone. Our venues BarPop, Eagle, Cruz101, REM, Oscars, & The Lodge. And donations of prizes from PuppyPride.

To all those nominated for a pup community award - how amazing are you?! No one "won" because the reality is you were all amazing and deserved to be there. Please... Keep doing what you're doing and making everything great for us all. 💙

I know I talk for not only myself; but Kaz, Orona, Tyke, & the whole organising team when we say thanks for coming and being the amazing community you are. Each, and every one of you is a VERY GOOD BOY/GIRL (Yes... even the bad ones 😏).

So until Doggy Weekend 2020 - keep wagging, chewing, licking, and digging those holes.

Rutt & Kaz
DoggyWeekend C̶h̶a̶i̶r̶m̶e̶n̶ Sofa-doggos