Volka is the creator and host of the popular pup and kink-focused podcast  Shut The WOOF Up . Now in its fifth year and with over 10,000 listeners, the popular (or is that pupular) podcast boasts over 50 diverse guests, shedding their thoughts and insights on a wide range of topics within the community - helping create an inclusive and unique snapshot of the kink scene. Volka also has over 25,000 views on the  Shut the WOOF up  YouTube channel, where he aims to de-stigmatise pup play with his sometimes zany, but always informative videos. Volka also hosts events within the kink space (when safe to do so), such as the successful (and irreverent) live show at Birmingham Fetish Week 2020. 


Volka has been an active member of the pup play community for many years and his ethos is to always challenge the status quo, to be as unbiased and nonjudgmental as possible, and most importantly, to spread positivity and respect within and outside of the LGBTQ+ community. Oh, and also to chase all the balls. All. Of. Them.

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